DE0 Digital I/O Wing Expansion REV0 Complete


Design ended up having only 10 LVDS signals broken out as that required less unique parts. The connectors are expensive (1-282834-0) running ~$5.70 in singles. I will be looking into alternatives to see if I can get the cost down. I found some on AliExpress but I will need to order them and test them to see if they are any good.


I also included a 4 position auxiliary power connector to power up external circuits. No power safety though (fuses/TVS) so use at your own risk!

DE0 Digital I/O Wing Expansion


Started work on a expansion board for the DE0 FPGA development board. Planning on having 4 8-bit bi-directional level shifters giving 32 I/O and breaking out 12 LVDS signals to screw terminals. Basically a simple digital acquisition add on. Using the expansion template I made for the DE0 a couple days ago.

LVDS will be buffered to protect the FPGA. Have not picked the buffer chip yet. The bi-directional level shifter is the SN74LVC8T245PWR by Ti. Handles 1.65V to 5.5V on both sides and has basic ESD protection. I am debating putting over voltage protection on the I/O of the level shifters. A 50ohm resistor in series with the I/O plus a 5.6V TVS Diode should do the trick and not add to much cost to the board.


GitHub Repository Link!

Keg Cooler built from 49″ Milk Cooler

Been working on this Keg Cooler the past couple weekends. I picked up a 49″ Milk Cooler on craigslist. It is all stainless construction and has a commercial grade compressor. Very robust.

Five taps on the front. Four for regular CO2 delivery and one nitro tap. Each of the taps have individual control over the serving pressure.

The kegs are accessible from the back. There is enough space for double the amount of kegs but I wanted room for coldcrashing my brews.

This is how the doors open up. I will be adding chain to the lower doors so they cant swing all the way down and damage the taps.

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