Building an Exhaust System

This is the exhaust system that I welded together for the DJ Jeep. The only original part is the “bell” part which connects to the exhaust manifold.

Its just 2″ mild steel exhaust tubing and a tiny muffler I had in my parts bin. I did a side exit right in front of the rear tire to make it easier to make and not require more bends then I had tubing for.

I then did an oil change, cleaned/gapped the spark plugs, and cleaned and adjusted the points in the distributor. Oil is 20W-50 STP and a Purolator PL20252 oil filter.

I then cleaned up the air cleaner with a wire brush to remove the rust and then threw on some semi-gloss black paint. The fuel system is starting to come together. Fuel filters and some tubing into a gas can :)

The leaky valve cover ended up being a leak from the mounting points for the timing belt cover. Interesting that its open to the oil system. A random bolt threaded in stopped the leak.