Head Disassembly

After seeing the fuel blow back through the carburetor, it is time to remove the cylinder head and see what is up with cylinder 3. I removed the valve cover, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and various other external engine parts till I could remove the head.

Well not ideal but at least the pistons don’t have holes and no foreign objects in the cylinders.

The cylinder head is coated in oil and corrosion.

Here is a close up of the intake valve on cylinder 3. Seeing some crusty rust.

Rest of the parts for the engine. Going to ultrasonic clean all these (minus the carb I just rebuilt) before reassembly.

Tearing down the cylinder head more. So far everything looks ok. Cam, tappets, and surfaces look nice and not abused.

I cleaned up the surface of the head and removed the intake valve of cylinder 3 to make sure this is repairable.

The valve is stainless so this rust is just deposits, should clean up with a brass wire brush. The intake port is rough. I won’t know if the seat is salvageable till I get the surface rust off.

Here is the rest of the internal parts after cleaning through the ultrasonic cleaner and a brass wire brush on the valves to clean them up.

The cylinder head didn’t exactly fully fit in the ultrasonic cleaner but we will make this work.