Rebuilding the Carburetor

Ok before we get into the carburetor rebuild I did manage to get the engine to run on 3 cylinders. I popped off the top of the carb so I could manually fill the gas bowls.

The engine does run but it is not happy at all. There is a back pressure through the carburetor. I suspect that cylinder 3’s intake valve is rusted up and not closing. This explains the zero compression as well. You can see the back pressure blowing gas upwards out of the carb and how much blowby the engine has. Oil is got everywhere!

The Jeep came with a 2 rebuild kits and a parts carburetor so getting at least one functioning carburetor should be doable!

The carburetor is a Holly 5210 which is Holley’s version of the Weber 32/36. It even says Weber inside the bowl. This page has a good break down of how the carburetor comes apart and is reassembled.

Above is the diagrams from the carburetor rebuild kit and the diagram from the DJ-5G service manual.

I disassembled the carburetor and organized the parts for it.

Ooo that fuel bowl is crusty. I put all the parts in my ultrasonic cleaner with a parts cleaner solution overnight.

After some careful cleaning with some carb cleaner and scrubbing the stuff the ultrasonic cleaner didn’t remove we have a pretty clean carburetor. The jets I hit with a brass wire brush to really get the crust off.

All back together. I am missing one of the air cleaner studs so I will have to pick up a spare bolt from the hardware store.