Fixing The Suspension

The DJ Jeep came with a set of new in box shocks. The ones on the Jeep where out of gas. I dunno how long these old new in box shocks will last but they are at least working for now.

What is weird about the suspension is that the front shackles have been replaced at one point with lifting shackles.

The previous owner mentioned that this Jeep was once used as a boat ramp launching vehicle and suspected that these longer shackles where installed to prevent the suspension from bottoming out.

I dunno if this is true about the DJ Jeeps but every Jeep I have worked on, the front and rear shackles for the leaf springs are the same length.

Rear shackle measures 3″ from bolt to bolt.

Here are the lift shackles. 5.5″ for a 2.5″ lift in the front. What is interesting is the bottom holes for adjustment.

The holes are 1.5″ spaced so I can cut these long shackles down and make a normal 3″ long pair.

Just that easy!

No more Carolina Squat for this Jeep.