Fixing The Headlights and Other Electrical

Almost all the electrical on the dash didn’t work besides the ignition switch. Over time stuff started to start working which lead me to believe that most of problems was due to connection and corrosion problems.

The Jeep came with a headlight switch so that was the first thing I replaced. This got the gauge lights and other interior lights working but the headlights didn’t work still. The wire from the headlight switch that goes to the headlights bulbs has 12V so the new headlight switch is working correctly.

Looking at the wiring diagram for the DJ Jeep, the power from the headlight switch goes to the hi/low beam switch on the floor. Poking at the hi/low beam switch with a multimeter showed that 12V was getting to the switch but not coming out. Time to see what is up.

Here is the switch, doing a continuity test shows that no current is passing through. Opening up the switch shows it looks ok.

I cleaned the internal contacts with some contact cleaner anyways and reassembled. Switch still did not work. What I can figure, is that the pressed rivets that hold the contacts on have corrosion. I soldered the rivets together like this.

Which fixed the switch. This is the same switch used on the CJ jeeps so if this fails again I can just get a replacement.

Headlights work! The gauges on the dash work but there is clearly a problem with the grounding or power to the gauges as they are not correctly reading. I will try replacing the ground strap from the engine to frame and add one from the frame to the dash like modern Jeeps have.