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Sony PS FL-1 Repair Conclusion

My “new” replacement switches for the record player arrived today.

The new switches on the left with wiring harness and what is left of the broken switches on the right.

I desoldered the wiring from the new switch board and then removed the old switch board from the record player harness. Keeping in mind the orientation of the 3 wires.

Then I soldered the wires into the new board and installed it.

Then I reassembled the record player, I did regrease the nylon gears with some “medium” weight silicon grease. Seems to work fine.

Sony PS FL-1 Repair?

My record player (Sony PS FL-1) stopped opening and closing recently. Only reasonable thing to do is to open it up and see what went wrong. The PS FL-1 is a “tray” style record player. Kinda like a CD player.

Well that is the problem. Looks like the travel switches for the tray broke apart. The actuator on one of the switches was stuck closed which probably caused the tray to break the switches.

Alps switch manufacture, part number is 205-11 403R. Google doesn’t turn up anything and I couldn’t find anything on Alps website about this part.

Fortunately I found someone selling the entire switch board for $15 on ebay. Will update when I reassemble the turntable.