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Update on OctoPROBER


An update on the OctoPROBER layout. I added a Real Time Clock (RTC part # DS1340Z-33+) to the I2C buss. Temperature recordings can be logged with an accurate time stamp.

To keep the time when the unit is off it pulls power directly from the lithium battery. When the OctoPROBER is powered on it pulls power from the 3.3V power rail.

Speaking of the battery the OctoPROBER’s main power source is a 18650 lithium cell. Power draw is around 200mA so a 2600mA battery will last around 13 hours. The RTC in standby mode pulls 125uA max which gives it a max standby time of 866 days. That should be plenty for most use cases.

Late Edit.//


Fixed some more traces. Just need to work on cleaning up the silkscreen then it is off to the fab house!