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OctoPROBER ADC working!


Finished programming the ADC which is a MCP3021. It is a 10bit i2c compatible ADC with one channel. A limited ADC but perfect for measuring battery voltages.

Operation is very simple. Just request a word from the device using 10011011 as the device ID and it will spit out the analog value. I had some issues with the i2c driver I used though.

The ADC is supposed to return the 10bit value like so 0000XXXXXXXXXX00. I was receiving XXXXXX000000XXXX. The upper and lower bytes where transposed. Fixed by swapping them around.

OctoPROBER REV 0 ready for fab.


Finished REV 0 of OctoPROBER last night. I added a MCP3021 which is a I2C 10bit ADC with one analog channel. It will be used to monitor the battery voltage and indicate when the lithium battery is close to being dead.


Schematic is a bit of a mess but I will be cleaning it up.

Files are on GitHub. Will start programming the hardware test software this weekend for the propeller.