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Compressor IoT Project

At MacroFab we have a large industrial air compressor that provides compressed air to our pick and place and various machines.  I want to monitor the compressors pressure and run time to help influence the maintenance schedule for it.

Stephen and I talked about the Compressor IoT project on the following Podcasts: MEP EP#68, MEP EP#70, and MEP EP#74.

Compressor IoT part list

  • LSM9DS1
    • IMU for vibration sensing
    • iNEMO inertial module: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer
    • 3.3V, I2C
  • SPU0410HR5H-PB
    • MEMS Microphone
    • 3.3V
    • Analog signal, will be boosted with an opamp
  • TMP102
    • Board Mount Temperature Sensors Low Power Digital Temp Sensor
    • 3.3V, I2C
  • Ebay Pressure Transducer
    • 1/8″ NPT Male fitting
    • 5.0V
    • Analog output 0.5V – 4.5V over pressure range
  • 6225AXXSZS-DC3
    • SSR to control the compressor switch
    • 3VDC to 32VDC control signal
    • Place 10ohm in series from pin from particle photon for protection.
    • TVS 3.3V for transient protection.
  • 1591XXSFLBK
    • Enclosure with flange
  • Particle Photon
    • IoT platform
Compressor IoT Schematic


Compressor IoT Layout

You  can find the files on my github.