Pinheck Board REV 5 Prototypes Complete


Last week I finished the prototypes for the REV 5 Pinheck Board and shipped them to Spooky Pinball. I built 5 boards for testing to make sure this is the final revision before starting the full on production run. These will be in the machines Spooky is taking to the Midwest Gaming Classic. I will also be there encase anyone has questions about the board set.


Second prototype board I finished.


Test jigs to make sure the boards are made correctly. I am working on a better test jig for the production run that will be fully automated to help speed up the testing process.


Boards ready to ship!

3 thoughts on “Pinheck Board REV 5 Prototypes Complete”

  1. Hello,
    we already felt for the design of your card pinball.
    I see that your card is ripe to be used on some prototypes.
    I am a Computer Engineer with a passion for pinball and I would like to create some replicas with your card or with an evolution of the same.
    Do you think it is complex to make sure that your card uses the files in the EEPROM of the original WMS and Bally DMD?
    We can study together the evolution of your card to be backwards compatible with old pinballs.
    Best regards.

  2. I’m trying to contact you in regards to buying Chroma-Color PCAs. Your web form never seems to complete, though. Any chance you could contact me? Thanks.

    1. Hi Harold, that PCB is not open source and I do not have any to sell. You can contact Chuck over at Spooky Pinball and see if you can buy one from them as they own the rights to that design.

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