PinHeck Pinball Platform REV 4 Prototype Complete!


Just finished testing the REV 4 prototype. Flashed the Propeller and PIC32 successfully multiple times. Test software verifies that the hardware is working. I pushed the last fixes to GitHub that will make up the REV 5 board. Looking at selling the boards around the $400 mark fully assembled and ready to go with sample code.

7 thoughts on “PinHeck Pinball Platform REV 4 Prototype Complete!”

  1. Its been a while, you said you would be selling the boards but so far I have not seen any for sale, are you going to offer them for sale or can I use the information and make my own board if that is possible, please let me know

  2. Thanks Parker,
    How about the version 2 pcb which used the 40 pin prop,seen on a Ben Heck video on you tube that board looked ok to start with but I have not found any info for boards below rev 3, I can see rev 4 and rev 5, and I know your working on rev 7 now.
    I have sent an email to Charlie, see what comes back, otherwise I will look at the boards some more, don’t understand why you need 6 layers, the circuit looks pretty simple other than the pic32 and the prop chip.

    1. I don’t have any of the files prior to them. The 6 Layers is mainly for power stability over such a large board. We where having issues with REV5 with power drop and had to do some interesting wiring of the cabinet to get around it. REV7 fixed all those issues. It also allowed us to put more stuff on the board such as the RTC and opto connectors.

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