2 thoughts on “Super Boost PCB”

  1. I am sorry if I seem obsessed with the ground planes, however an unbroken solid ground plane is a must for a switcher no make the loop area small. This will help reduce the radiated EMI. If you want to lower the cost by making a single sided PCB, and if you have to pass the EMI test, then you should either re-consider making a single sided or double sided PCB, or design the PCB so that ground return lines are as close as possible to the signal.

    1. According to the datasheet you do not have to have a separate ground plane for the switcher but it helps. I made sure the feedback and compensation signals where as close as possible to the AGND pin. Because the feedback circuit shares with the switcher ground plane there is a possibility of noise throwing the feedback off. Everything that pertains to the switching is located on a single ground plane which should make the loops fairly small.

      We will have to see how well it works out :)

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