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Honda ATC110 engine stand complete and running

I was able to get the engine stand completed and engine running again.

Cheapo moped muffler and beer!
Cheapo moped muffler and beer!

The old exhaust system was pretty much cracked and fell apart when I tried to remove it from the three wheeler so I had to make a “new” setup. I bought the cheapest muffler I could find on eBay ($15 moped muffler) and some spare steel tubing I had and I welded up a temporary exhaust. I reused the old exhaust flange that mounts to the engine but I would like to replace all of it with new material when I finally transplant this engine in the go cart.

Straight exhaust setup reusing the original header flange and some spare tubing. Ugly but it works.

I then mounted the fuel tank I bought on ebay for $6. Fairly tiny with only 1L of capacity but the tank was pretty cheap and doesn’t leak… can’t complain about that.

1L fuel tank, hoses, and fuel filter from ebay.
1L fuel tank, hoses, and fuel filter from ebay.

I made the fuel tank mount out of some old aluminum sign material I had forever. I think I have been holding onto that material for over a decade now! Knew it would be useful some day :)

Fuel tank mounted on the engine stand.
Fuel tank mounted on the engine stand.

The fuel tank mount is designed to be unscrewed giving me more access to the engine when I start disassembly.

And it fired right up after filling the tank up. Glad I got the wiring right!


What is next is to disassembly and clean the entire engine. Once it heats up it smokes pretty good so I will need to at the minimal replace the piston rings and lap the valves. Probably end up honing the cylinder walls for the new rings.

Pulling a Honda ATC110 Engine

Those that listen to my podcast know that I enjoy working turning wrenches on vehicles and engines. Before my friend Stephen moved to Colorado he dropped off his old Honda ATC110 3 wheeler. It was in pretty bad shape. The drive train was all twisted up from when the chain fell off and jammed up. Fenders where cracked and the front fork was tweaked a bit. Only good thing was the 110cc engine fired up right away.

Honda ATC110

This gave me an idea. When I was younger I always wanted to build a go cart but never had the funds, tools, and my parents where very wary of the idea. Now I have a perfectly good 110cc engine, a welder, and no longer under the supervision of my parents :) .

Honda 110cc engine yanked out of the 3 wheeler.

After a couple 11mm and 14mm bolts the engine was freed from the old 3 wheeler chassis. Time to get rid of the old chassis and parts I am not going to use.

Chopped up 3 wheeler

I looked online and these chassis’ don’t really sell and would be a pain to get rid of otherwise. A sawzall and cut off wheels made quick work of the pressed steel chassis and tubes.

Honda ATC110 engine stand.

With some scrap material I had left over from other projects, I fabricated an engine stand for the 110cc engine.

Honda ATC110 engine wiring.

I then wired up the various electrical bits of the engine. These engines have very little electronics to drive them. An alternator generates the power for the sparkplug which is controlled by the CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition unit). I found the wiring diagram for this engine here.

Honda ATC110 engine wiring.

On the other side of the engine stand I mounted the throttle and ignition coil.

What is left on the engine stand to build is an exhaust system and adding a fuel tank. For the exhaust I found a $15 mini bike/moped muffler and some 1″ 16AWG steel tubing. The fuel tank is a $6 plastic mini bike tank. Next update on this project I hope to have those installed and the engine running on the stand. This engine needs a complete tear down as it leaks from every seal and I would rather not get my new go cart all oily!