2600 Kit Assembly Guide V2.2F

Atari 2600 A/V Assembly Guide

Read through the instructions carefully before attempting. Also read the disclaimer.

Your Unassembled Kit should look like something above. Check all the parts to make sure you have them all. To sort out the resistors there are some online color band converters like this one.

Parts List

  • 100uF Cap 1
  • .1uF Cap 2
  • 10uF Cap 1
  • 1uF Cap 2
  • 47pF Cap 1
  • 1N914 (diode) 1
  • 2N3904 1
  • CD4050 1
  • FMS6400 1
  • S-Video Jack 1
  • RCA Jacks 3
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow
  • A 10″ section of wire
  • A 4″ section of ribbon wire
  • Screws 2
  • Printout 1
  • Sticky Foam Tape
  • Resistors (in Ohms)
    • 750 1
    • 10 1
    • 9.1K 1
    • 4.7K 1
    • 18K 1
    • 75 10 (Unless you have the ones with the FMS6410 then only 7)
    • 2K 1
    • 1.6K 1
    • 680 2
    • 1K 2
    • 1.8K 2

Take the CD4050 chip and the FMS6400 and solder them to the PCB.

This is a close up of the FMS6400 to show how it goes on the board.

Now there is a silkscreen error on this version of the PCB. The 750, 9.1K, 4.7K, 18k resistors need to be changed to 1.5K, 18K, 9.1K, 36K resistors as indicated in the above photo.

Attach all the resistors. I like to do all the non 75 ohm resistors then do the 75 ohms last.

If you have a mod with the newer FMS6410 chip (it has a little dot on it) then do not solder in the 75 ohm in these spots.

All the resistors soldered into place along with the capacitors.

Take the piece of multi-color ribbon cable and separate each wire.

Solder the wires to the above spots.

Take the longer 4 wires and solder them to the right side of the board as shown above.

At the end of the long red wire strip about 1.5″ off of the insulation. Trim the green, blue, yellow wires to the same length and remove .25″ of insulation.

Stick the foam onto the back of the board. This completes the kit. Head back to here to continue modding