Atari A/V Mods

You’re not getting old. Thats RF fuzz! – SOLD OUT – NOW OPEN SOURCE

I used to offer a variety of A/V mods choices for the Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 consoles. The modification adds a S-video and composite video output to the Atari along with Stereo sound. The mods where very easy to install. If you can solder a wire you could install these kits.

Comparison between stock RF and the mod on a 7800.

Different Modding Options.

The install guides to the mods can be found here.
All FreePCB Files can be found here.


Ben Heckendorn’s Video Review of the 2600 mod: Link
Garner’s Video Review of the 2600 mod: Link
Chris Kennedy’s Review of the 2600 mod: Link

Atari 2600 Video Mod V2.2D PCB

4 thoughts on “Atari A/V Mods”

  1. Hi. I have a atari 2600 and want to get your a/v mod kit. But I don’t see any buying options on this page. Please let me know how I go about buying a kit.

  2. Hi, Do you still provide an av mod installation service? I’ve got a 2600 Junior that needs doing…

    Could you please send me details (price and where do I send it etc)…I’m presuming you’ll have me email address from me posting here? Cheers!


  3. Hi Parker,
    Thanks for the site and mods, they look great.
    I’m trying to mod an Atari 2600A PAL (Australia) and would like to use your board but it seems that you’re not selling the kits any more.
    I’ve downloaded your schematic files, I assume I use Atari2600VideoMod1_0PAL.fpc, but wanted to make sure I had the correct file for PAL. Also, in your latest installation guide you state that there is a silk screen error on the board – is this the case with the PAL version also?
    Thanks again,

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