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OctoPROBER REV2 Released


Above is the REV 1 of the OctoPROBER. This revision fixed allot of the issues I had with programming the propeller and the propeller resetting when the USB plug was plugged in. To fix the USB resetting the propeller when being plugged in I disconnected the reset line off the FT230X (USB chip) from the reset signal on the propeller. This breaks being able to program the propeller as it needs to upload code directly after start up. To fix this problem the code has a menu option that will reset the propeller if it sees the USB reset line so the user can control if the USB resets the propeller or not.

To enable ease of first time programing or encase the firmware gets borked there is a switch that manually connects the FT230X reset signal to the propeller reset signal.


Rev 2 of the OctoPROBER I decided to do away with the MAX31855 chips. They are very expensive ($5 a piece) and not very accurate (+-2C). Instead I am using 2 MCP3424 18-bit ADCs to do the thermocouple readings. To perform cold junction readings I am using 8 AT30TSE752 board temperature sensors. This should provide +-0.5C accuracy and the ability to use any thermocouple type.

IEE Flip VFD Working! Test code coming soon.

Today I wrote some code to get the IEE Flip VFD working. It has a fairly simple protocol and only took a bit of tweaking to get it working. I wrote the demo code for my Prop Dev Stick and will be uploading the SPIN code later once I finish the feature set.

After this I will write some C code for the MSP430 LaunchPad and get that working. The screen supports a serial input mode which saves 8 I/O pins but requires more timing. I will try to get that working as well.