VCNL3020 Breakout Board

The VCNL3020 is a integrated proximity sensor that works via infrared. Interface to the sensor is with i2c and it can measure up to 200mm in distance. The only back draw to the sensor is the lack of ability to change the i2c device address which can be a problem. Currently the schematic above only works with 3.3V systems.

It is meant to be used in cellphones to detect if the phone is against the users head. This makes the single locked i2c device address make sense as you would not just more then one of these sensors on a phone. With 16bit precision and a build in IR emitter its a pretty powerful proximity sensor even with its i2c address limitation.

Files (Eagle V6)

Schematic REV 0

Bill of Materials

Part:    Value:         Package:              

C1       0.1uF          0402                 
C2       0.1uF          0402                 
C3       22uF           1206_POLARIZED       
C4       10uF           1206_POLARIZED                                  
R1       4.7K           0402                  
R2       4.7K           0402             
R3       10K            0402                
R4       10             0402                 
U1       VCNL3020-GS08            

Bill of Material on Mouser

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