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msPROBOT Ver 1.0 Released!

After a whole weekend working on the PCB I finally finished Ver 1.0 of the msPROBOT. The robot is completely open source. So far just the PCB is designed. I will be adding the bracket files and then full assembly instructions. If all goes to plan the msPROBOT will make an appearance at Maker Faire next month.

PCB File
Schematic File

I will launch the project page in a couple hours. Need a short break first though.

msPROBOT PCB Started

The only thing routed so far is the lithium battery charger. Most of the chips I am using have a recommended PCB layout so I am going to follow those to reduce noise from the switching power supplies. Board is going to be 75mm x 160mm in size. Should only cost $3 per unit to get them made in bulk.

msPROBOT Schematic Done

I just finished the schematic for the msPROBOT.

Added the the design is the lithium battery charger and protection circuit, the motor encoders, and a 3.3V to 5V bidirectional voltage level shifter. The level shifter will make it easier for users to add extra components and sensors to the robot. The 3.3V and 5V I/O lines are broke out to headers on the board.