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PDS V1 is successful!

I just finished soldering the first Prop Dev Stick and tested it. After installing the FT232 drivers I was able to program the propeller straight from the Propeller Tool. Serial Terminal has also been tested.

I am going to be shipping a couple of these for testing. If you do embedded systems or mess around with micro controllers I would like for you to test it out. I am offering a fully working and soldered board for just the price of parts alone ($20). Simple stuff like usability, durability, and performance will need to be tested in real life scenarios before I move it into production.

Interested? Talk about it on the forums!

Late night PCB work.

I have had this idea to make a very small development board for the Propeller for a while now. The idea is that you can have it on your keychain or something and just plug the entire unit into a USB port. The port powers the device and there are female headers that allow you to plug other things into it. I might add a ADC just to get some analog signal input.

So I give you /drumroll the Propeller Development Stick or PDS V1.0.