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Prop Dev Stick REV 0B

Finished REV 0B for the Prop Dev Stick. I minimized the size of the board from 1.5″ to 1″ wide. It is now thin enough to plug into a bread board. Width between the two rows of headers is 0.9″.

Some quick specs. Running the propeller at 96MHz, Micro SD card slot, 4 channel 8-bit ADC, built in USB, and all I/O brought out to the edge. A power MUX controls whether or not the Prop Dev Stick uses USB power or power from an external source like a battery. This way you can have the unit running off battery or solar and still use the USB connection for serial data. When an external power source is absent the mux switches over to USB power.

Prop Dev stick…a PCB?

In this case PCB stands for Phoenix Circuit Board. I have not worked on this project since September 2011.

The Prop Dev Stick is a Parallax Propeller development platform that is designed to just plug into a computer like a USB thumb drive. The old design was just the Propeller MCU with no frills. This time around I added a micro SD card slot and a ADC for reading sensors.