First board for Tommy stuffed!

Just finished cleaning and soldering the first board for Tommy. I managed to get the connectors that did not fit on by sanding a bit of the plastic off. The footprints where off by 0.5mm.

The only thing I am waiting for now is my PC power supply (I knew I shouldn’t have tossed those when I moved…) to test the hardware. When that is done the board is heading over to one of my friends so he can program the ASM drivers that will run the system.

After that I will order Revision 1 which has currently all the corrections to the footprints and spacing issues. Once that version is verified I will release all the design docs to open source the project. I could do so now but I would hate if someone ordered the board and it didn’t work.

8 thoughts on “First board for Tommy stuffed!”

  1. I’ve been following your progress for a while now (since reset_vector) and I’m really excited to see this coming together. Congrats on this milestone!

  2. Just wanted to say this is AWESOME!! Checking your site regularly for when Rev 1 drops and this becomes open source!

    Would love to get my hands on one and I try to get one of my old pins up and running again!

    1. That is exactly what Tommy is designed for! You will have to rewire due to Tommy not using matrixing but that shouldn’t be to big of a problem.

  3. Hi Parker,

    This project is AMAZING…. Is the board ready for home use production ? I would love to try it out and build a prototype pinball with it.



  4. Any update on this project. It seems that all the files are on github. I would love to try this board and make a custom pinball with it. It seems amazing…

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