Maker Faire San Mateo 2012 Recap: Part 3

Chris and I started Sunday off by looking at some 3D printers.

Look a 3D printer not made of wood!

Series A Prototype printer.

Bay Area 3D printer people.

The Ultimaker has some interesting X-Y axis that enables it to go super fast. Print quality from this machine wasn’t the greatest however.

This little robot was trying to not get stepped on as it raced through the crowd.

The Wild Thumper robot platform has some really cool suspension!

Nerf Gun shooting robot.

Now this is what I need. A small scale pick and place machine. All DIY.

The new Arduino line up was at the Atmel booth.

Arduino Due actually exists! Though the sticker price is way high at $110. Way to much for a bare bones Arm M3 Cortex board.

This robot was all alone off to the side. Looks so sad.

Really neat kit car.

Land Sharks!

A bunch of R2 units. They had lots of moving parts and could probably be a stand in replacement in a Star Wars movie.

Even the insides look like how it should.

Some kid was driving this rover around and trying to run over people.

This guy had to be over 12 feet tall.

Steam powered paddle boat.

The steam engine on board.

A steam punk’s wet dream.

It spits fire! It is not Maker Faire unless something spits fire! I was standing around 50 feet away and the heat was intense.

Hover DeLorean!

It works. Almost ran me over taking this picture.

Electric powered Mazda 5.

Gyro Copter. This vehicle was very impressive and well built.

A guy walking around making “music” with this contraption.

How to be a TSA agent.

Ben playing a text based adventure game.

Pedal Carts.

A cool bicycle clock. All the gears worked to reduce the speed and time the clock correctly.

All powered by a little motor on top.

Back at the hotel. Chris looking for the Solar Eclipse.

There it is!

At Jeri’s Show and Eat dinner after Maker Faire. Ben printing with his portable printer.

Bonnie played Super Mario Bros. on my NES portable and beat the game!

Congratulations! Well that wraps up my Maker Faire trip to San Mateo!

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