Maker Faire San Mateo 2012 Recap: Part 2

This is Part 2 of this years Maker Faire trip to San Mateo, CA. After leaving RoboGrrl’s booth since she wasn’t there, Chris and I started to look at some 3D printers.

Dual extruder! This was a direct drive model. It was on a Maker Bot.

I took some pictures so I could figure out how the X and Y axises where designed.

Cardboard Trojan Horse. Was standing at the AutoDesk 123D booth.

6 Beagle Boards communicating to each other and splitting up the HD video to extend the displays. There is a single master Beagle Board that tells the other ones which frame to display. This keeps it all in sync.

At the Ti booth they where very impressed with my msPROBOT. Here is BlueHash from the forums holding up the robot.

Here is the majority of the projucts that the store sells.

A guy had Steve Wozniak’s card. Lasered out of stainless steel.

The Ti EVALBOT. So much robot in such a small pacakge.


An old County Faire classic game upgraded with lasers.

Cool display in the Dangerous Prototype Booth. No one was manning the booth so we walked on.

Bryan with 8bitlit. He made the Mario Coin lights and just recently interfaced a Xbox controller to the Sphero by bridging the connection with a computer.

A cool robot and/or computer case.

Showed off the NES 3D printed case to some 3D printer makers. They where impressed.

Ran into Jeri and her awesome C64 Bass Keytar.


Jeff the mighty ohm!

Some super low cost 3D printers.


A full on Viper simulator.

Alyson, Ben’s Camera crew.

Me in my DO OR DIODE Radioshack shirt.

My Super Boost cell phone charger charging a i-Phone 4.

Ben on the left and Tom from Google on the right.

That is it for the first day of Maker Faire! Stay tuned for the next part.

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