msPROBOT Ready for Maker Faire

I finished the first physical version of the msPROBOT just in time for Maker Faire. I have the majority of the demo code written and I will post it when I test the code. All the basic library functions are written. Just need to make a main program that strings it all together.

There is more information and PCB files you can download at the msPROBOT project page.

2 thoughts on “msPROBOT Ready for Maker Faire”

  1. I am super impressed with the robot! It was wonderful to meet you at Maker’s Faire even though it was a little hectic. Please let me know if you ever want anything from TI (I emailed you privately with my contact info) or if you want to come by and visit! Plus, the UT connection is seriously advantageous with the MSP430, AdrianF :-)
    Thanks for making sure we saw this and please let us know if you ever want anything from us!

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