Just Another Tommy Schematic Update #4

To add more functionality to the Propeller an ATMega168 was added to the design. The Propeller communicates via I2C (on the same bus as the EEPROMS) to the ATMega168. The ATMega168’s function is to provide dedicated servo control and analog input for the propeller. Since servos have to constantly PWM controlled the Propeller has to dedicated an entire cog to just maintain servos. Using the ATMega168 to off load this tasks frees up lot of resources for the Propeller which will allow for better animations and smoother kernel cycles.

One thought on “Just Another Tommy Schematic Update #4”

  1. Hi Parker,
    you gave up on this project, may I ask did you start on any software for the board before you cancelled the project ? if so can you make that available as a starting platform for interested people to continue this and do you have any objections if someone else was to revisit this project and make a few up for hobbyists , I would really like to be a part of this, great idea for people with homebrew pinball machines but no controller, please write me back with your answer, thanks

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