Tommy System Schematic Update #2

I fixed the EEPROM addressing issue. Since the EEPROMs are addressed via I2C protocol you have to set there addresses via the pins A0, A1, A2. Previously I had these all to VSS or GND which would mean all there addresses where 000.

Added the SD Card to the Parallax Propeller to store audio files. Took longer then expected to make the footprint and get the part correct in eagle.

Power will come into the board via 4-Pin Molex connectors much like on a PC power supply.

Currently have TLC5940 16 channel LED drivers on the board but these will be changed to WS2803 Chips as they use 3 less I/O lines (5 vs 2). These will be used exclusively for RGB LED lighting. I am planning on being able to hook up 18 RGB LEDs to the board.

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