NES 2 (Top Loader) Portable now ready for Maker Faire

Here is a status update for the NES Top Loader portable!

Assembling the front half of the case. Using size M2 sheet metal screws to attach the PCBs to the case. Holes are tapped with a 1.5mm drill bit before hand. For those that know the PSone screen accepts 7.4V then converts it down to 5V in some areas with a 7805 linear regulator. I removed the 7805s and attached my 5V switching power supply to the pads which dropped the power draw of the screen.

The back side houses much more parts. Batteries, switching powersupply, NES Top Loader PCB, speaker, amplifier, and volume control are all housed here. There is no hotglue in this portable. Everything is mechanically held in place. Some electrical tape is used to insulate parts but that is about it.

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NES Top Loader Prototype Case Complete.

Chris Kraft just finished the top and bottom halves of the NES 2 (Top Loader) portable case. This is the prototype printed out of clear PLA (type of plastic). After I receive the case I will see if I need to do any tweaks to the design and then Chris will print it out of UV reactive purple PLA.

It turned out really nice. This is essentially the largest thing Chris can print on his 3D printer and it did a great job!