Demo Platform for the Low Voltage Motor Driver

This is the robot I quickly built to demo the Low Voltage Motor Driver. If is based off the Mr. Basic platform and MSP-430 Launchpad. It has a 6.4V lithium battery as the main power source which feeds into the voltage regulators on the Launchpad.

For direction control a top mounted servo spins a Sharp gp2y0d810z0f IR sensor. The sensor has a single data line which is pulled low when a object comes within 10cm of the sensor.

Most of the code for the hardware is already written. Just need to finish the controls and it will be ready for a video.

2A Low Voltage Motor Driver BoosterPack Ver1.0

This is a Low Voltage, 2A motor controller BoosterPack for the Ti LaunchPad. So far I have not found a motor controller yet so I decided to make one. This is the first in many BoosterPacks I will be designing and selling. It uses the Ti DRV8833PWPR Dual H-bridge Motor Driver chip. The chip is capable of 2Amps per motor channel and a motor voltage from 2.7V to 10.8V. Logic voltage for the DRV8833 is 3.3V which makes it a perfect match for the MSP-430 LaunchPad.

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