Tommy Update

The parts for REV 0 of Tommy arrived from Mouser today. Just finished soldering the Propeller portion and it worked first try. I also updated the page for Tommy.

Tommy Pinball System Specifications

CPU:        Parallax Propeller P8X32A-Q44 clocked at 96MHz.
I/O:        64 Optocoupled switch inputs.
            32 Mosfets for solenoid control.
            8 Servo Connectors. 
            72 8-bit PWM LEDs. Using WS2803 chips.
            Up to 64 8-bit PWM RGB LEDs for General Illumination. Using WS2801 chips.
            4 12-bit Analog to Digital Channels.
            Standard LED DMD connector. 

Power:      Molex connector for PC PSU.
            Separate connector for Solenoid and Servo Power.

Storage:    Micro SD card slot.
            2 Mbit of SPI SRAM.
            1 Mbit of I2C EEPROM.

Additional: PCB Size is 7"x5" - 4 Layer 
            3 7-Segment numerical LED digits for debugging. 
            USB Serial built in.
            2-channel audio.
            Selectable voltage for LEDs and Servos. 
            All I/O data lines brought out for expandability. 
            Hardware watchdog that will disable solenoid power on event of CPU failure. 

Pinout for Parallax Propeller

P00: SD Card DO
P01: SD Card SCLK
P02: SD Card DI
P03: SD Card CS
P04: 74HC595 Serial Data Out
P05: 74HC165 Serial Data In
P06: Shared Data CLK
P07: Shared Data LAT
P08: DMD Data 5
P09: DMD Data 4
P10: DMD Data 3
P11: DMD Data 2
P12: DMD Data 1
P13: DMD Data 0
P16: SRAM 0 SIO0
P17: SRAM 0 SIO1
P18: SRAM 0 SIO2
P19: SRAM 0 SIO3
P20: SRAM 1 SIO0
P21: SRAM 1 SIO1
P22: SRAM 1 SIO2
P23: SRAM 1 SIO3
P24: LED Serial Data Out
P25: LED Clock
P26: Audio Left Channel
P27: Audio Right Channel
P28: i2c SCL
P29: i2c SDA
P30: RX
P31: TX


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